Reporting session for Nebraska High School Press Association students

After presenting a session on reporting this morning at the Nebraska High School Press Association, I came away with some positive vibes. First, the sheer numbers were impressive. It was standing-room-only in the Union auditorium — more than 500 students signed up — and my session was packed, as well.

These days, with all the negative press about the press, it’s heartening to witness students who are interested — and enthusiastic about journalism.  The students in my session were eager and engaged; they asked great questions and offered great comments.

We talked about how setting up RSS feeds can help reporters develop good story ideas. In the case of high school publications, I suggested a couple of sites students should include in their feeds (see “Brushing up on the Basics” PowerPoint presentation in the “Workshop and Presentation” tab at the top). While not many of the students had used RSS readers before, most seemed willing to give it a shot.  (Students: be sure to check out a short tutorial on RSS I uploaded that is based on my presentation. It also is in the section on workshops and presentations.)

All in all, it was invigorating to be surrounded by enthusiastic and intelligent  high school students. The future looks brighter.

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