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A mobile experiment

I’m experimenting with using my phone to post to my blog. I’m writing this post on my iPhone in a car outside of Omaha. (I’m not driving!)

My colleagues and I are very interested in giving our students in the capstone online journalism course some valuable experience with mobile delivery and breaking news. We plan to send them into the field on election night to post short updates and photos to the college’s news website

So I wanted to see how well this would work. I never ask students to do something I haven’t done myself. That way I can hopefully ward off any potential problems.

While a part of the experience for students is getting them comfortable with the technology, a bigger lesson for them is learning what and when to post. Posting for the sake of posting doesn’t serve the audience. Focusing on the reporting and content is the challenge for us as educators. But one of the best ways is to have students practice and practice their live coverage, while getting valuable feedback from the instructors.

I’m looking forward to working with students this fall to help them hone their breaking news skills. If you have any suggestions of what has worked for you, please share in the comments.