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My Grammar Girl impersonation

In working on an upcoming writing/grammar presentation for a group of university administrators, I started compiling a list of my favorite books and Web sites.

For me, grammar and writing books and Web sites are a lot like cookbooks — you should never have just one. When I’m in a grammar quandry, I like to consult several sources.  Let’s face it : Grammar can be downright confusing, and sometimes you need the benefit of multiple explanations before the concept sinks in. 

So here are my Top Five go-to resources:

Grammar Girl — I subscribe to her daily e-mails.

“Elements of Style” by Strunk and White — it’s a classic and helpful.

“When Works Collide: A Media Writer’s Guide to Grammar and Style” by Lauren Kessler and Duncan McDonald — one of the most clearly written guides.

“A Handbook for Office Professionals” by James and Lyn Clark — Easy to find grammar and usage answers here.

Purdue University’s OWL site — a comprehensive site with self-directed exercises.